Bridal Makeup | $125.00

Includes a makeup application with airbrush foundation or HD foundation. 

Makeup Trial | $100.00

This includes a makeup application and explanation of products used if you wish to know.  

Bridesmaids/Bridal Party Makeup | $100.00+/person

Hair styling for bridesmaids, mothers, aunts, sisters, etc.  

Bridal Hair | $125.00

Styled, curled, pinned up, or straightened.  Let us know how we can make it perfect.  You may bring hair pieces for us to incorporate but please notify before the wedding date.  

Hair Trial | $100.00

Getting a feel for the day-of look is essential. Ensure that your hair is the color and cut that it will be for your wedding day to ensure a replication of the trial look. Please contact for more info.  

Bridesmaids/Bridal Party Hair | $100.00/person

Bridesmaids, mothers, aunts, sisters, etc.  Down, half up, or an updo, we can make it happen.

Flower Girl Hair/Makeup | $65.00 each

Must be 10 years or younger otherwise they are considered ‘bridal party.’

Eyelashes | $15.00+

Lashes add the perfect finish to a makeup look. Keep them and reuse them even after the event. 

Photo Ready makeup

Photoshoot/Event Makeup | $90.00+

Prices are subject to change for families, mens hair, and children.  Please contact for more information.  

Photoshoot/Event Hair | $90.00+

Prices are subject to change for families, mens hair, and children.  Please contact for more information.  


Airbrush Spray Tans

In my home studio ...

Full body ~ $40 
Legs only ~ $30

On location ...

Full body ~ $80 
Legs only ~ $60 

Party Pricing

(All must be full body tans and on location)
(All counts include host and all ladies tanning)

3-5 ladies ~ $40 each 
6-8 ladies ~ $35 each and host tans free!


Eyelash Extensions


Full Set | $175
60 Minute Fill | $55

90 Minute Fill | $90
New Client Transfer Fill | $100 

Who is a good candidate for eyelash extensions?

Athletes, brides, busy moms, nurses, fitness trainers, aging/mature women or anyone who has lashes that they feel could use a beauty boost!  Novalash eyelash extensions are the perfect match for anyone who has little time to get ready, loves feeling feminine, awake and beautiful all day-every day, anyone who sweats often or is in the water frequently, anyone who is going on vacation or a honeymoon and wants to look made-up without wearing makeup, or anyone who’s lashes are sparse or light colored and need a lift! (Ask about lash tinting as well to color the natural lashes/lower lashes black as well!) 

How should I prepare for my lash appointment?

Remove all makeup and residue in the eye area and make sure lashes are clean and dry. Do not apply lotion or oils to eye area  Not having clean lashes can cause the extension to not completely adhere to the natural lash, potentially causing early fall out.  It is recommended that contacts are removed but not required. The first ‘full-set’ appointment typically lasts between 2.5-3 hours so be prepared to lay down with eyes closed on the spa bed for that duration of time. 

How often do I need to get my lashes filled?

For most people, the natural eyelashes grow and shed in a cycle that lasts about 3 weeks. Due to the eyelashes naturally shedding, a fill is recommended after 2-3 weeks from last appointment.  Although the extensions cause no harm/damage to the natural lash, it is very important to follow all “Novalash Aftercare Instructions” to ensure there is no premature fall-out.  If too much time has passed or if lashes have not been taken care of properly, it may be necessary to book another “full set” appointment due to having no-few lashes.